Sander Verheule

Sander Verheule

Focus areas

  • atrial fibrillation



Curriculum vitae

Sander Verheule studied Biology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, graduating in 1994. From 1994-1999, he investigated the electrophysiology of cardiac gap junction channels in the group of Dr. Habo Jongsma, Dept. of Medical Physiology, Utrecht University, and obtained his PhD in 1999. From 1999-2003, he worked as an AHA postdoctoral in the group of Dr. Jeffrey Olgin and Dr. Douglas Zipes at the Krannert Institute of Cardiology in Indianapolis, Indiana, researching the impact of structural remodeling on atrial conduction. In 2003, he joined the electrophysiology group at the Department of Physiology in Maastricht. His current research interests are the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying substrates for atrial fibrillation, with a focus on the role of metabolic and vascular remodeling.