Niels Verberkmoes

Focus areas




Curriculum vitae

At the final years of medical school in 2004, Niels Verberkmoes was encouraged by prof. John Elefteriades and assistant professor Michael Coady to start his career in cardiac surgery in their department of cardiac surgery at Yale School of Medicine. Additional and extensive training was performed in various international clinics. Finally, the unprecedented possibilities to gather experience in minimal invasive surgery at the department of cardiothoracic surgery in Catharina Heart Center Eindhoven has led to a particularly range of expertise in both cardiac as thoracic surgery. As a result of an intensive collaboration with his electrophysiologists, Niels has developed specialist expertise in all aspects of arrhytmia surgery including, concomitant Maze IV procedures, thoracoscopic AF surgery, left atrial appendage management, hybrid surgery for device implantation in heart failure and for complex electronic device lead management and extractions. Furthermore he has special expertise in training education and simulation programmes.