Dr. Dennis Lau, faculty Maastricht AF congres

Dennis Lau

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Dennis Lau graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1997. He undertook Physician training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Cardiology training at the Austin and Repatriation Hospital in Victoria. Following his clinical cardiology training, Dennis moved to South Australia to join the Electrophysiology team at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2006. After obtaining his PhD from the University of Adelaide in 2010, Dennis continued his training at the world-renowned translational atrial fibrillation research centre at Maastricht University, The Netherlands. In 2013, Dennis returned to Adelaide with appointment as a staff specialist in cardiology and electrophysiology at the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he also oversees the cardiac pacing clinic. He is in charge of the device follow up clinic. Dennis is the recipient of a NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellowship that he undertakes at the University of Adelaide.